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This is a one time purchase with LIFETIME access. Links never expire. 

This on demand training is available to you to access from anywhere in the world, on your on time. 

What you get: 

  • 30 x guided technical splits training videos utilizing active flexibility techniques. We keep them short and sweet (15-20 minutes) so you can easily dedicate yourself to stay consistent!) 

  • 8x bonus deep stretching (30 minute) training videos

  • Access to support group to ask questions & share progress

Consistency is KEY!
If you stay dedicated, you WILL see progress, but don't take my word....see what others have to say.

I've tried many different programs in the past few years and this one is my favorite by far! I was able to get my splits back within 3 weeks (something I've been trying to achieve for over a year)! I highly recommend it!  

                                                                                                            -Shaney Mueller

I took the 30 day splits class and I loved it. I am a beginner looking to increase my flexibility in my legs and hips. The videos were clear and easy to follow. I feel so good after completing it! I would definitely recommend Sky High Movement Training.

                                                                                                             -Laura Elsner

I 100% recommend Sky High Movement Training! I took her 30 days of Splits course and I have learned so much about how to train for my splits! She also sends out daily reminders to keep you motivated and to remember to train daily to achieve your goals. I will be continuing my training with Sky High Movement.

                                                                                                            -Heather Gilbreath

I highly recommend Sky High Movement Training, I did the 30 days of splits program and learned soooo much. The videos were easy to follow along with and very motivating. I also had a one on one session with Shaina, and she was super helpful at identifying my problem areas, and giving me specific exercises to help stretch the tight spots! Thanks!!

                                                                                                            - Ivy Trowbridge

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