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Hula Hoop Tutorials



The Full library contains: 

  • x10 core conditioning minis (10 minutes)

  • x3 30 minute core sessions

  • x3 full one hour class recordings

The Full library contains:

  • x7 single hoop trick tutorials 

  • 30 minute crash course for on body hoop control (chest, waist and knees)

Lyra Lovers Library

The Full library contains: 

  • over 20 conditioning exercise demos

  • 7 aerial hoop splits tutorials

  • 4 full (1.5 hours) sequencing class recordings 

  • 1x transitions

Backbending Level 1

The Full library contains:

  • x3 backbend prep videos

  • x2 intro to Full Wheel (Bridge) 

Warm Ups

The full library contains: 

  • x2 cardio warmups

  • x3 shoulder strengthening

  • x3 miscelaneous mini conditioning


The Full library contains: 

  • 30 days of splits challenge (x30 videos 15-20 minutes long)

  • x8 Deep Splits (30 minutes sessions)

  • 1x oversplits (1 hour long class recording)

  • targeted problem areas

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